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Monthly Credit Repair

Sometimes, we are unable to find errors or mistakes on credit reports on which to sue. That does not mean that your credit report is clean, it just means that none was readily apparent to you or us. That is the time to hire a credit repair company. A good one will review your credit report with you and will ask for verification of items that you don’t recognize or understand. In Arizona, our favorite credit repair company is AZ Credit Medix.

This company is owned by Charles Parker who has long been in the credit repair space. He is not only knowledgeable but is honest and ethical in how he runs his business and handles credit repair. He is bilingual in Spanish and English also a Credit Instructor for the State of Arizona Department of Real Estate.

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Attorney Bill Markov

Attorney Bill Markov


Occasionally, someone might be better off filing bankruptcy than attempting to pay off all of their debts. If want to discuss your options regarding bankruptcy, we recommend talking to attorney Bill Markov. We know him well and respect him greatly.

Hartley and Markov have been filing bankruptcies for consumers for many years. They offer same day Chapter 7 filings and and very reasonable flat fees.

They can be reached at:

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