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AZ Credit Law Group was founded by Attorney Rochelle Poulton in 2014 with a mission to help consumers with credit issues. Ms. Poulton has proudly helped numerous people increase their credit standing, stop debt collectors from harassing her clients and generally helped people cross the murky waters of credit repair. She and her team have done a wonderful job.

On April 1, 2021, Rochelle sold her firm to pursue new ambitions, to Credit Repair Lawyers of America. We are very proud to follow the path that Rochelle has forged into helping consumers.

Our Story

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    About Credit Repair Lawyers of America

    Credit Repair Lawyers of America is a Michigan law firm dedicated to helping consumers deal with credit issues. We litigate these issues at no out of pocket charge to our clients. Frequently, we are able to get our clients damages of up to $1,000 and sometimes more if they have actual damages….all at no out of pocket charge to them.

    Our founder, Attorney Gary Nitzkin,used to be a debt collection attorney. However in 2017, he had a life altering experience in court where he realized what he was doing was hurting people, as a collection attorney. That one moment transformed his life as he did not want to spend his career this way. Two weeks later, he started helping people fix their credit and get back on their feet financially. He has found great personal satisfaction in helping people.

    Where Do We Go From Here With AZ Credit Law Group?

    We are continuing the same path as Rochelle had forged here at AZ Credit Law Group, but are adding some new and exciting programs such as:
    Free Legal Consultation For Credit Repair
    Free Legal Consultation For Credit Repair

    When your credit has suffered because of fraudulent activity, the team at AZ Credit Law Group offers free consultations for your credit repair needs.

    No Out of Pocket Credit Repair Litigation
    No Out of Pocket Credit Repair Litigation

    If repairing your credit means taking legal action, we offer credit repair litigation at no out of pocket expense to you. We bill the defendants on your behalf!

    No Out of Pocket Program To Stop Debt Collectors
    No Out of Pocket Program To Stop Debt Collectors

    Stopping debt collectors is an important task, and when billing for their unfair debt collection practices, we charge no out of pocket expenses to get the job done!

    Debt Settlement
    Debt Settlement

    Helping people repair their credit is our passion and we offer fair debt settlements to ensure that you are able to get back on track with your finances!

    The Auto Pilot Program

    To review your credit reports for free every 2 months

    After we repair your credit, we can enroll you in our free auto pilot program to ensure that your credit doesn’t take a hit again. We will review and monitor your credit every two months to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

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    Trusted Partners

    We are no longer going to provide these services in house, but have trusted partners with whom we have worked with in the past who will gladly provide these services to you:

    Monthly Credit Repair

    Monthly Credit Repair

    Sometimes, we are unable to find errors or mistakes on credit reports on which to sue. That does not mean that your credit report is clean, it just means that none was readily apparent to you or us. That is the time to hire a credit repair company. A good one will review your credit report with you and will ask for verification of items that you don’t recognize or understand. In Arizona, our favorite credit repair company is AZ Credit Medix.



    Sometimes, a consumer is better off filing for bankruptcy than attempting to pay off all of their debts. For the occasion when its just not possible to do so, we recommend the law firm of Hartley and Markov. We know Attorney Bill Markov well and respect him greatly.

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    I highly recommend AZ Credit Law Group.

    Brent Reese
    Prescott, AZ


    Brent Reese Prescott, AZ

    I had a tricky situation with a two derog’s on my credit report from a very old short sale. The bank ‘re-aged’ the short sale which basically would make the short sale sit on my report for another 7 years. Rochelle and her team worked hard on this and ultimately got it removed. No upcharges or request for more money. They stuck to their original agreement with me. I highly recommend AZ Credit Law Group.

    This is a well run group really knows her stuff. All of her staff have been well trained to assist all their clients…

    Sandra Fischer 5.0 ★★★★★

    This place was great! Very informative and very professional! Felt like I got straight answers and not the runaround about my credit!

    Angela S. 5.0 ★★★★★

    Excellent staff! I couldn’t be any more pleased. I recommend this firm to anyone needing credit related services.

    Josh Henderson 5.0 ★★★★★

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