If you are maxed out and stressed out to the point of borrowing money from family, getting sued, or having your wages garnished, filing bankruptcy may be your best option.

Do you need to file bankruptcy?

  • Do you stuggle to make your debt payments?

  • Are you making late payments on your bills?

  • Are you making credit card payments, but are your balances not going down?

  • Have you borrowed money from family?

  • Have you been denied financing?

  • Do you have regular overdraft fees?

  • Are you doing annual balance transfers?

  • Do you want to improve your credit score?

Yes to more than one? You should consider filing bankruptcy.

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Frequent Questions About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a “clean slate” for people with substantial debt. Once bankruptcy is complete, most people feel relieved to have a “fresh start,” meaning they start over without the stress of unpaid bills. There are different types of bankruptcy, but we help with Chapter 7 bankruptcy which allows you to discharge your debt without repaying creditors.

It depends. We work with companies that charge flat rates and offer payment plans.

It depends on how quickly you need to file — but usually less than 6 months.

If you need to file bankruptcy, your credit may already be in bad shape- so after your Bankruptcy is discharged your credit will likely improve. You could be back above a 680 FICO within 60 days after your discharge if you re-establish credit, pay everything on time, and check your credit to make sure all errors are corrected. We can help you with Credit Repair. The Bankruptcy is a public record and will report for 10 years, and the accounts you discharged will report for 7 years. Typically, you can qualify for most types of financing immediately after a Bankruptcy (e.g. credit cards and car loans). Also, most mortgage lending guidelines allow you to qualify for mortgage financing 2 years after a Bankruptcy.

Yes! Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation are just a few. We can help you decide whether bankruptcy is right for you.