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    Breaking News

    As of April 1, 2021, we are excited to announce that we are now a part Credit Repair Lawyers of America. This is a Michigan based law firm with attorneys in many states including Arizona.

    Is Your Credit Report Holding You Back?

    Do you have bad credit?

    Have you been turned down for a car loan, an apartment, or job?

    Is your debt staggering?

    Are you only paying your minimum monthly payments on your credit cards?

    Are you being sued by creditors?

    We Can Help You Clean Up Your Credit Report And Manage Your Debt

    We Offer These Powerful Programs To Help Get You Back On Your Feet
    Free Legal Consultation For Credit Repair

    When your credit has suffered because of fraudulent activity, the team at AZ Credit Law Group offers free consultations for your credit repair needs.

    No Out of Pocket Credit Repair Litigation

    If repairing your credit means taking legal action, we offer credit repair litigation at no out of pocket expense to you. We collect our fees and costs from what we recover on your behalf.

    No Out of Pocket Program To Stop Debt Collectors

    Stopping debt collectors is an important task, and when billing for their unfair debt collection practices, we charge no out of pocket expenses to get the job done!

    Debt Settlement

    If you are only making the minimum payments on your credit cards, you probably need your debts settled… for a lot less. We can help you do that so you can get back on your feet.

    Free Auto Pilot Program

    Where we review your credit report once every 2 months.

    Let us enroll you in our free auto pilot program where we review your credit reports every two months. If we find something that we can fix at no out of pocket charge to you, we will let you know.

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    How It Works

    Credit repair lawyers in Arizona, providing support & counseling to help improve your credit.

    Many people have taken a hit to their credit with the changes in technology and the lack of security and monitoring from certain credit reporting agencies. That’s where we come in! At AZ Credit Law Group, we offer our top-rated legal services to help repair your credit when you are the victim of fraudulent behavior such as identity theft and false credit reporting. All you have to do is send us your credit report and we will discuss your situation with you to get you on your way to improving your credit! Contact our credit repair lawyers to learn more!


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    Lets Talk About Your Situation

    See which of your programs makes the most sense for you.


    Lets Get You On The Road To Better Credit.

    Our credit repair lawyers will develop a strategy to get your credit back on track!

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    Pricing & Taxes

    Its vitally important that you understand how our No Out of Pocket Fee program works. We do charge fees and costs for our services. We charge our customarily hourly rates which are recited in all of our fee agreements. However, we do not look to you to pay these fees as incurred.

    We solely look to the settlements that we are able to obtain from defendants on your behalf, to pay both you and us.

    Our fees, historically, have averaged around $4,000 or so, per defendant. We take these fees from the settlement pot at the end of the case. Our current fee structure, which is subject to change with 30 days’ notice to you, is:

    • Attorneys $375 per hour
    • Paralegals $160 per hour
    • Clerical staff $120 per hour

    We keep track of our time and deduct these fees at the end of the case. We use a real-time system, in the cloud, for keeping track of our costs and our fees.

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    About Our Pricing and Taxes

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    Free Consultation With a Credit Attorney

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      About Us

      Affordable Credit Lawyers in Arizona

      AZ Credit Law Group was founded by Attorney Rochelle Poulton in 2014 with a mission to help consumers with credit issues. Ms. Poulton has proudly helped numerous people increase their credit standing, stop debt collectors from harassing her clients and generally helped people cross the murky waters of credit repair. She and her team have done a wonderful job.

      On April 1, 2021, Rochelle sold her firm to pursue new ambitions, to Credit Repair Lawyers of America. We are very proud to follow the path that Rochelle has forged into helping consumers.

      Learn More About Us

      Meet Our Attorneys

      Trinette Kent
      Trinette Kent
      Licensed in Arizona & California
      Carl Schwartz
      Licensed in Michigan and New York
      Daniel Brennan
      Licensed in Florida & GA

      Trusted Partners

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      Monthly Credit Repair

      Sometimes, we are unable to find errors or mistakes on credit reports on which to sue. That does not mean that your credit report is clean, it just means that none was readily apparent to you or us. That is the time to hire a credit repair company. A good one will review your credit report with you and will ask for verification of items that you don’t recognize or understand. In Arizona, our favorite credit repair company is AZ Credit Medix.

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      Occasionally, someone might be better off filing bankruptcy than attempting to pay off all of their debts. If want to discuss your options regarding bankruptcy, we recommend talking to attorney Bill Markov. We know him well and respect him greatly.

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      The Best Rated Arizona Credit Lawyer

      I highly recommend AZ Credit Law Group.

      Brent Reese
      Prescott, AZ


      I had a tricky situation with a two derog’s on my credit report from a very old short sale. The bank ‘re-aged’ the short sale which basically would make the short sale sit on my report for another 7 years. Rochelle and her team worked hard on this and ultimately got it removed. No upcharges or request for more money. They stuck to their original agreement with me. I highly recommend AZ Credit Law Group.

      This is a well run group really knows her stuff. All of her staff have been well trained to assist all their clients…

      Sandra Fischer 5.0 ★★★★★

      This place was great! Very informative and very professional! Felt like I got straight answers and not the runaround about my credit!

      Angela S. 5.0 ★★★★★

      Excellent staff! I couldn’t be any more pleased. I recommend this firm to anyone needing credit related services.

      Josh Henderson 5.0 ★★★★★

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      We run our operations from our offices in Southfield Michigan.

      We do not provide Estate Planning services. While this very important service is something everyone should have, its just not in our wheelhouse.

      No. Rochelle is pursuing other interests. However, you can still reach her at [email protected]

      AZ Credit Law Group is a division of Credit Repair Lawyers of America, a Michigan based law firm. Attorney Gary Nitzkin, licensed in Michigan only, owns Credit Repair Lawyers of America.

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