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We will happily write up to 3 dispute letters for you to the credit bureaus, for free. We only get paid if we have to file a lawsuit on your behalf and even then, we do not charge you any out of pocket fees. We can and do make the bad guys pay our fees.

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    Top 5 things that you need to know when shopping for Credit Repair Services

    Negative information that does not come off your credit report after the first dispute letter is probably going to stay there unless you file a lawsuit. Credit repair companies make money by charging you fees, month after month. Some credit repair companies also limit the number of negative items that they will dispute to keep you paying more monthly fees. Sad part is that is that most people don’t know that writing the right letters is the key.

    Many credit repair companies assert phony disputes to negative items that appear on their customer’s credit reports. This is illegal. Credit Repair companies are governed by a federal law known as the Credit Repair Organization Act (“CROA”). Under this law, it is illegal for them (or you) to lie to a credit bureau. By asserting a dispute to a properly reporting negative item on your credit report, you may be lying to a credit bureau. Credit repair companies typically draft dispute letters for you to sign and mail so that they don’t get caught. If the CFPB discovers that you have written a bogus letter to the credit bureaus, you are left hold the bag.

    Many credit repair companies assert frivolous or baseless claims to properly reporting negative information. Disputes such as “not mine” or “does not agree with my records” are simply frivolous. In our years litigating credit repair cases, we have learned that all of the credit bureaus maintain a department to review frivolous letters. They match up the kinds of disputes asserted, the language used, and even the font to determine weather a dispute letter has come from a credit clinic. They have the right to ignore or otherwise treat such a dispute as frivolous.

    No Credit Repair company can assure you of the items that they will remove or that your score will even increase. Sometimes, you will see ads from sleazy credit repair companies that say “We can remove all negative items from your credit report…guaranteed.” Or they may make a boast that their credit repair services may increase your credit score to the point that you become eligible for a mortgage. These claims are baseless and, yes, illegal. First of all, credit scores are fluid and depend on many variables. If you get some negative items removed from your credit report and yet increase the balances on your available credit, your score could potentially go down. That is not something that they want you to know.

    Charging you fees on a monthly basis is probably illegal. The FTC has created rules called the Telemarketing Sales Rules. Mention the acronym “TSRs” to any credit pro who has been doing this work for a while, and they will freeze up. The TSRs prohibit a credit repair company or individual from charging fees to a consumer until 6 months after all of the work has been completed by them and they produce a credit report to show it. The vast majority of credit repair folks do not comply with the TSRs and for that reason, like to operate in the shadows.

    Is this who you want to give your social security number and private information to?

    Top reasons why A Credit Repair Law Firm is a better solution for you than a credit repair company

    • We write legally sound dispute letters for you.

      If an incorrectly reporting item is not removed from your credit report after the 1st dispute letter, we can talk about filing a lawsuit on your behalf. If we do file a lawsuit, it will cost you nothing out of pocket. In either event, the credit bureaus know that we are signing and sending dispute letters to them from our law office. We operate in the wide open and not from the shadows like credit repair companies.

    • Our successful lawsuit can fix your credit report and put money in your pocket.

      If we are successful in our litigation efforts on your behalf, we can not only fix your credit report, but get you monetary damages. Again, our litigation program costs you nothing out of pocket.

    • We find errors and mistakes that credit repair companies do not.

      We have had the benefit of litigating with the credit bureaus and most of the major creditors in the market today. We have learned about how they can report things on your credit that may be misleading or inaccurate that a non lawyer would not otherwise know. Its not their fault as they do not have the kind of experience that we do in fixing credit.

    • If we fix your credit with just a dispute letter, then your credit repair is free.

      We will charge you nothing if we can fix your credit report with just a dispute letter. Yep…that is free credit repair.

    • We get paid only if we collect money on your behalf.

      If we are collecting money on your behalf, that means that we filed a lawsuit and probably settled it. We do make money in this venture, but not from your pocket. We charge our fees and costs to the bad guys.

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    Best reasons to join our 3 for Free Program.

    Best reasons to join our 3 for Free Program.

    We have the most innovative reasons to legitimately dispute negative items on your credit report.

    It costs you nothing out of pocket.

    Credit repair companies typically write horrible and illegal letters to dispute information on your reports.

    We sign our names to your dispute letters or otherwise notify the credit bureau that we are representing you.

    We don’t get paid unless there is credit repair litigation. Even then, we do not collect any fees unless we are successful for you.

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    Joe LaManna


    Joe LaManna

    Credit Repair Lawyers of America did a great job on my case. I had a problem with a debt collector over a debt I did not owe and I was explained how they violated the law. They got the debt collector off my back right away. His staff were very efficient and knowledgeable with my case. Thank you!

    They been helping me for years monitoring my credit and fixing error I don’t catch, great team.

    Katy Rodriguez 5.0 ★★★★★

    I love the results that I received from Credit Repair Lawyers. All my questions were answered and I didn’t have to wait.

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    This company was very helpful with my case. They kept me informed and it was a very smooth experience.

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