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Recovering from Divorce and Debt is possible.

It takes years to build a relationship, but unfortunately, it can take a while to end one. Dealing with debt after a divorce can be struggle because

  • Your Household Income Decreases
  • Your Living Expenses remain the same

Also, when the court divides debt in your divorce decree it can seem unfair. Half or 50% of credit card debt, student loans, car loans, and other debts can really get expensive and even overwhelming. Especially if your income is less than your ex’s. The good news is there is always a way to recover! Here are a few of our recent success stories. Everyone has a story. As attorneys it is our job to help creditors and debt collectors understand yours to achieve the best outcome for you. ” After my divorce I felt hopeless due to the debt the judge allocated to me. I was referred to Arizona Credit Law Group and worked with Rochelle who helped me settle my high debt in almost half. There were some minor bumps on the road with my creditors, but overall the turn out was better than paying the whole amount I owed. Additionally, Rochelle and her staff where always good at communicating with me about the progress of my case. I’m thankful for their help.” Bithia C. 09/04/19

Have Questions? We have answers.

Divorce Decrees are supposed to divide up debt equitably but sometimes the financial burden is too much. If you have concerns about any of these, we can help.

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Back Taxes
  • Timeshares
  • Child Support Arrears
  • Still on the mortgage?

by Rochelle Poulton, Attorney at Law Divorce hurts in many ways, but at least you can fix the pain to your pocket book. We consult with many people after a divorce. They all ask “How do I get out of debt? Do I have to pay this debt? Doesn’t the divorce decree matter?” Excellent questions. So, for this blog we will talk about what to do! People have problems dividing debt, especially when they don’t hire or consult with a family law attorney. But even when you do, you might still have problems with:

  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgages
  • Timeshares
  • Vehicles

Here is the bottom line, if the debt is in your name, you are probably on the hook. If your ex is supposed to make payments, and doesn’t – the creditor might come after you! Ouch.

Your credit. If it is in your name, it is on your credit report. So when you try to apply for a credit card, a car, a house, or a job, these unpaid debts might be a big problem.

First, can you work it out? Before you get angry or open your checkbook, consider talking to your former spouse about paying the debt. Maybe they will be willing to get back on track with payments without you doing anything other than asking. Second, consider debt settlement. That’s right, you may need to pay the creditor yourself. Yes, the divorce decree said your ex was responsible, but practically speaking you can’t do much with that piece of paper because you can’t make your ex pay. But you can settle then sue your former spouse to reimburse you for the money you spent on debts they were required to pay.

If the debts are too much, and you can’t reasonably settle without jeopardizing your financial future, then Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not a bad option. If you are worried about the impact on your credit score, check out our blog and webinar on rebuilding credit after bankruptcy– you will feel better. By the way, we offer free consultations to help you review your options and create practical plans. So don’t hesitate to ask for help. To recap: You have options for dealing with your divorce debt! You can ask them to pay, pay your self, or file bankruptcy. Good luck! Thanks for reading!