We Now Provide Debt Settlement Services In Arizona

Now that we are coming out of the pandemic, many people are going back to work which is great news. Unfortunately, many people have been unemployed and racked up thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid consumer debt. We think it’s time to pitch in and help people get back on their feet.

Just get us your free Credit Karma credit reports and we will review them for free. We will even tell you if we can help you get some negative items off your report at no out of pocket charge to you. For the debts that you owe, we can put a list of them together and for just 15% of that balance, payable over 6 months, we will settle your debts for you.

Expert Credit Attorneys Now Provide Debt Settlement Services In Scottsdale, AZ

What Makes Our Debt Settlement Services Different?

We Look For Opportunities To Fix Your Credit

We not only settle your debts, but we will review your credit reports. Many times, we are able to find opportunities to get rid of inaccurately reporting information. In some instances, we find that we can file a lawsuit to get rid of incorrectly reporting negative information and even collect monetary damages for our clients. We frequently obtain damages of $1,000 or more for our clients.

Free Enrollment In Our Auto Pilot Program

Give us your Credit Karma credential and we will review your credit reports every two months to see if there are new opportunities to remove negative items. We will continually monitor your credit report to keep it in the best shape possible.

We Attempt To Get Negative Items Removed From Your Credit Report

While we are happy to negotiate your debts, we will always try to make deletion of the negative item from your credit report, a settlement term. Its very important. Some creditors and debt collectors will agree to do so, and others may not. We will never know who will agree to remove a tradeline or collection item altogether until we try.

Quicker Resolution Of Your Debts

Once we make a deal with a creditor, you will be in charge of honoring the payment with the creditors. You won’t have to wait for us (or anyone else) to begin paying towards your new lower balance. You will be able to do this yourself. This is a simpler and cleaner way of handling creditor debt.

The Country Is Getting Back On Its Feet After The Pandemic & You Should Too

Today, there is no reason to be drowning in debt. Things happen… life happens. If you are over your head, let us throw you a life line and help you out. AZ Credit Law Group‘s program is designed to not only get you out of debt, but clean up your credit report and get you back on your financial feet.

Call or email me, Attorney Gary Nitzkin at [email protected] or call me at (480) 907-6088 for a free quote or consultation.


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