Should You Enroll In An Arizona Credit Repair Program?

Since we have taken over the Arizona Credit Law Group, we have made a lot of good changes.  This is one of our more exciting ones.

There are a lot of credit repair companies operating in Arizona.  Many are good, and others…well…not.  We are a class above the good.  We are a credit repair and litigation law firm.  We are not just a credit repair company.

There is no other program like ours in the market in AZ or anywhere else as far as we can tell.  

Here are the best reasons to enroll in our monthly credit repair program.

Should You Enroll In An Arizona Credit Repair Program?

1.  No credit card… problem.

Most credit repair companies will not even talk to you unless you give them a credit card.  At Arizona Credit Law Group, we are happy to talk with you, review your credit reports and give you our honest opinion of what we can and cannot do for you, all without a credit card.

2. No “Audit” or “First Work” fee.

Unlike other credit repair companies or those large national credit repair law firms, we will review your credit reports for free.  We will talk with you about what we see and what we think we can fix on your credit reports.  As lawyers, we will give you our honest assessment if we can help you.  Some credit repair programs will keep you paying monthly fees for as long you are willing to pay.  We are not interested in taking money that we have not or cannot earn.  Moreover, our program is only 4 months long and the 1st month is free.

3. Try us for free.  You don’t like us after the 1st month, don’t pay us.

We have been fixing credit reports since 2008 in Michigan.  We have developed a reputation and expertise in our field.  We are so confident of the quality of service that we provide, we are willing to put your money where our mouth is.  We charge no audit fees, and we will not charge you for the 1st month of service.  If you are happy with our results after the 1st month, then you can hire us to provide the other months of service for you.  If not, you have lost nothing.

4. We find things that non lawyers may not.

We have fixed hundreds of credit reports on theories that no one else in the marketplace have identified.  When you hire a law firm, you are hiring people who think about the different angles that creditors and credit bureaus take to depress your credit score.  After all, with a lower credit score, lenders can charge  you more interest. Have us review your credit reports for free and see if we can find some novel ways to remove negative items from your credit report.

5. We sue the credit bureaus and creditors, and it costs you nothing out of pocket.

We go further for you than our competitors.  If a creditor or credit bureau refuses to remove a negative item on your credit report that does not belong there, we will sue them for you at no out of pocket charge to you.  At least one national credit repair “law firm” will only send letters and continue to charge you fees on a monthly basis….but not here.  Once we identify those items that are not reporting correctly, we give the creditors and credit bureaus one chance to do the right thing.  If they don’t, we are happy to sue them on your behalf.

Contact us at (480) 907-6088 or email us for more information at [email protected].  You can now TEXT US if would like an immediate response by visiting our website.  You can also visit our website at AZ Credit Law Group PLLC.  Let us fix your credit.  You have nothing to lose.


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