Credit Counseling is simply advice and strategies for building credit, improving credit, and maintaining good credit. We offer credit counseling as a courtesy with all our legal services. We ask everyone who schedules a consultation to bring their credit reports, and we also review our clients’ credit reports periodically to make sure that everything stays headed in the right direction.


Credit Report Analysis: it’s our way of explaining exactly what we are going to do to improve your credit, and how you can improve your credit on your own while we are working on everything else. Learn how credit-based financing works:  including how to use Credit Cards, when to apply for a Mortgage loan and other types of credit-based financing, and the pitfalls of each. Get your questions answered: about credit, debt, and how it all impacts your credit score- from collections to inquiries, and more.


If you don’t need our other legal services, but you just want to take advantage of our credit counseling services- you can! We are here to answer your questions about specific credit finance needs whether it is because you are planning to buy a house, or because you are a business owner with long term financial goals and want to ask questions to stay on track- we can help. How much? $15.99 /mo (but you have to schedule a consultation so we can make sure this is what you need) Get Started for $25!