Student Loans

Student Loans? Everyone seems to have them, but not really know what to do about them. This video is a brief overview of some of your options.

We help people resolve student loan issues – whether you just need to lower your payment or are in default and suffering from a wage garnishment.  Here are the top questions people are asking us:

  • Can I settle Student Loans?
  • Can I lower my student loan payments?
  • Can I discharge my student loans?
  • Can my student loans be forgiven?
  • Do student loans expire?
  • Can I discharge my student loans in bankruptcy?

All of these are great questions, and the answer is the same for all – “It Depends.” Every situation is unique.

We also help people apply for the following:

  • Rehabilitation Programs
  • Income Driven Repayment Plans (IDR)
  • Consolidate Student Loans
  • Settle Student Loans
  • Borrower Defense to Repayment Application
  • Apply for Student Loan Discharge
  • Co-Borrower Release Application

All of these options can be explored in much more detail on 

We can also help if you are:

  • In an Offset Program where you tax refunds are being taken to pay your student loans,
  • Experiencing a Wage Garnishment
  • Being sued

Student Loans can be intimidating, but we can help make the process easier.

Student Loans Private, Federal AZCLG helps resolve
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My firm has 3 goals – be cost effective & efficient, make complicated things simple, and change the way people think about attorneys. We do this by offering flat rates with payment plans, educating our clients, and by encouraging everyone to ask us questions to better understand what we do & why we do it. I am a credit attorney and I love helping people with debt and credit legal issues.