Mixed File Issues


Mixed File Issues! FThese credit reporting errors happen for a variety of reasons but the number one cause is human error. Every time you apply for credit, a person enters the information in order to pull your credit. Unfortunately, sometimes the information is incorrect.

When you take a look at your credit report under the “Personal Information” Section you will find a long list of information associated with you.

Here is a brief list of problems you might find associated with your name:

  • Misspelled First or Last Name
  • First Name and Last Name are transposed
  • Missing or Incorrect Middle Initial, or Suffix
  • Maiden Name or Former names no longer in use
  • Former Spouse’s Names
  • Names of People You Don’t Know


These errors are usually minor, but it is important to correct the mistakes by disputing it with the credit bureaus.

Errors happen a lot but errors involving your Name, Social Security Number, or Address should be disputed and corrected to prevent problems!

The main concern of Mixed File Issues is that someone else’s credit information could be accidentally associated with your credit file. This is a big deal when that other person’s derogatory accounts appear on your credit report because these will hurt your credit score.

Have questions or need help with this problem? We can help, and thankfully fixing these problems can take less than 90 days! Woot!


What is a Mixed File? AZCLG Explains
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