How to dispute an error on my credit report

You just got a copy of your credit report and you found some errors.  How do you go about fixing them?

First thing is you request a copy of your credit report from all 3 credit reporting agencies.  Why would you need to do all 3 you ask?  Each agency works separately and does not share records with each other.  You can request a free copy each year from each agency.  The three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Once you review and find errors on your account you can dispute them.  You can contact the lender who is reporting the wrong information to the credit reporting agency that lists the mistake or both.  Asking the creditor to fix it may be the simplest approach, because if they do agree they made a mistake, they will be required to transmit the correction to all the agencies to which they reported.  That will save you from having to contact everyone.

You may need to send some type of written dispute or proof of documentation to the agency.  If you have do, make a copy for your records and send it via certified mail.  Making sure that it gets received.

The three credit reporting agencies each have their own form for you to access when placing a complaint about an inaccuracy.  Check out each sites individual form required to be filled out.

As always, remain positive.  These types of people working in these jobs hear every type of excuse from everyone.  They likely deal with some of the most negative people in the world.  Your best bet for a quick sure fire response is to remain positive no matter what.  Use those manners when requesting information or when speaking to someone.  You will appear to be structured and organized and your case might get through much faster than the other guys who is yelling at the lady on the phone.  No one likes negative people.  Remain positive even if you feel like you hit a roadblock. Keep pressing on, in time you will get the results you need.

Learn how to dispute an error on your credit report
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