Credit Reporting Rights

What is Credit Repair?

Credit Repair is a term used to describe the process of fixing your credit.  Many credit repair companies try to delete items from your credit report by writing multiple letters to credit bureaus. The theory is that when negative items are deleted, your credit score improves.

What we do is different.  We do not delete information from your credit report, we fix it.  People have credit issues for two reasons: errors on their credit report and bad debt.  If the problem is debt related we can help using strategic debt resolution planning or debt settlement.

Sometimes errors are the culprit behind your low credit score.   Errors happen when people have short sales or foreclosures, file bankruptcy, or have a common name.  We can fix those errors using one of our tried and tested programs:

Mortgage Account Correction (MAC)

If you had a foreclosure or short sale you may want to take a look at your credit report to see how the first and second mortgages are reported.  Banks are reporting these accounts with “charge off” statuses and with unpaid balances.  This will keep you from obtaining mortgage financing, hurt your credit score, and can even prevent you from getting a job or promotion.   We can help solve these errors using our MAC program in as little as 90 days. The program includes a consultation, a comprehensive mortgage deficiency liability assessment, dispute letter to the credit bureaus, verification of debt request and up to three demand letters to the creditor or debt collector, and all phone calls, faxes, etc.  We advocate for you to get the job done as quickly as possible.  Pricing starts at a flat rate of $2,000.

Bankruptcy Account Correction (BAC)

If you filed bankruptcy and your credit is still in the 500s, it might be caused by errors on your credit report.  Companies sometimes fail to update your credit report to reflect the accounts as discharged through bankruptcy, instead they continue to report the accounts as unpaid collections.  We can help fix these problems using our BAC program in 90 days or less.  The program includes a consultation, credit counseling, comprehensive bankruptcy review, and up to 3 demand letters to the credit bureaus, and up to 2 demand letters to the creditors.  Pricing starts at a flat rate of $750.

Tradeline Error Correction (TEC)

If you have accounts on your credit report that you believe don’t belong to you, or are yours but are reporting incorrectly, our TEC program can fix these problems.  The most common errors we see are accounts reporting for years after they should have “fallen off” your credit report, banks reporting you as more than 30 days late when you weren’t, and even accounts that just are not yours that pop up on your credit report.  The program includes a consultation, and demand letters to the credit bureaus and creditors or debt collectors.  Pricing starts at a flat rate of $300.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation (FCRA)

If one of our credit reporting rights services was unable to fix the errors, you might be a candidate for our Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation services.   We will represent you in a case against the credit bureaus and creditor or debt collector who reports erroneous information on your credit report after our attempts to correct it.  We will work with you to make this course of action affordable.  Ask us how!  Think of this as dropping the hammer to exercise your rights.

Credit Reporting Rights
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